About Steve

Helping Others Succeed

Pro Baseball Career

1981 - 1994

• 1982 NL Rookie of the Year
• 5x All Star
• 2x World Series Champion
• Silver Slugger Award Winner

Steve Sax

Steve’s History

Sacramento Native
Born January 29, 1960 in Sacramento, California, Steve has been a Northern California resident most of his life, always returning to his off-season home when baseball season came to a close.

Growing Up
Growing up in the middle of a five-sibling brood fostered his competitive nature and drive to excel.  After his retirement from baseball in 1994, Steve went on to express his love of the game contributing commentary on ESPN and as Major League baseball analyst for Fox Sports’ Prime Time.

Baseball Analyst
Steve is currently an on air baseball analyst with the MLB network on Sirius Satellite Radio as he continues to follow his love for baseball.

With a lifetime of accomplishments, Steve has begun his mission of helping others to succeed in their lives through Life Coaching and speaking events across the Nation and around the World.

The White House

Wall Street Journal Contributor

Letter From The White House

Steve was published in the WALL STREET JOURNAL for an article he authored on personal responsibility and self reliance. This article was recognized by The President of the United States for its candid and thoughtful remarks regarding character building in our children.


Harness The Power of Positivity

In 2001, realizing that he had accomplished his professional baseball aspiration; he rededicated his talents to helping individuals and families to manage their finances as Vice President of Investments for the Royal Bank of Canada. Steve is the author of the book SHIFT, a motivational and inspirational book that outlines action steps to change your mindset and to become a success.

Ready To Change?

The classic definition of “crazy” is to continue doing things the same way and expect different results.

The truth is, if nothing changes, nothing changes, and if you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting.

Very often, something new on the outside, like a new outcome, includes the creation of something new on the inside. In order to achieve the results they want, clients very likely will need to change attitudes, paradigms, or underlying beliefs.

The beginning of a new coaching relationship is an ideal time to peel back the accumulated layers of identity and old roles to uncover the authentic person within.

In this ever changing business climate in which we find ourselves, a renewed sense of perspective through the Co-Active coaching model can be a refreshing change. People are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole and may have tremendous untapped potential waiting to unfold; such is the state of the high achiever.

As a two time World Champion, Financial Consultant, Author, Speaker, and Life/Business Coach I’m grateful to share with you the qualities and common denominators that supersede any lines of vocation. In the office, in the field, or on the court. These qualities are germane to the applications that people need to be successful in their business and personal lives.