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"Steve, Thank you so much for sharing your energy and stories. You bring amazing professionalism to your role as a speaker. Really enjoyed working with you. And please pass along my sincere gratitude to Tamara as well. Good luck with your next adventure. And most importantly, Thank you!" Tim

Steve Sax is one of the hottest motivational speakers on the scene today. He delivers stunning speeches that link the audience with solid take aways, including leadership, personal development, and team building skills.

His passion resonates from core beliefs that started in childhood from a dynamic relationship with his parents and were fulfilled through his realization of capturing his dream of playing major league baseball. Steve is also able to draw analogies from his extensive knowledge of Civil War History and his work over the past decade in the world of finance.

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"Steve, WOW! Just finished your book, it came in the mail at 1 PM. Reading your words, quotes from visionaries that impacted you and feeling that what you put together was intended to motivate ones inner voice, made quite an impact on me today. Enough to bring a deal I have been working on since last May a reality today! It will likely close on Monday. Thanks from my heart, you made a difference in my life!" --Phil Cowley
Steve Sax Member National 								Speakers Association